31 jul

The application of the self-tanner should be done with the skin completely dry,

Best gradual self tanner
without water or moisture. If you applied a moisturizer well, let the skin absorb the product
before applying the self-tanner.
Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, or any object or person without washing your
hands thoroughly. If you choose to apply the self-tanner with your hands you should know that
you will most likely have your hands temporarily dyed. This is not uncomfortable if you prefer a
more uniform application, since any glove does not allow such an accurate control. Simply wash
your hands immediately after application. Apply the self-tanner from the bottom up, that is, start
at the feet and end at the face. Use small amounts for each area and reduce the amount in the
roughest and driest areas: heels, knees, groins and elbows. Massage firmly, use your entire
palm in contact with the skin and, to get more benefits from this ritual, massage from the inside
out as it will stimulate lymphatic drainage and microcirculation.
Don’t forget to ask someone to apply the self-tanner to your back. t is absolutely necessary and
mandatory to comply with the timing that the product indicates as the total absorption time.
Common sense tells you to wait 30 minutes before getting dressed and so you are sure that you
have finished the application successfully. As a rule, the higher the concentration of DHA, the
longer the waiting time before dressing which can last up to 3 hours.