30 mar

Of course, none of this is true for those who are gourmet cardholders

In that case, your trip has to be gastronomic, and there is nothing to
negotiate. Here are my tips for eating out: Take care in your hotel’s
location search. The cooler (less touristic) the piece you stay in, the
more cool restaurants you will discover; Wherever you are staying,
take some time to arrive for land reconnaissance. You will identify
places close by, up to three blocks away, that can at least save the
homeland on a night when you return too tired to go out again.
(If you don’t do this terrain reconnaissance, you could end up in the tourist-
trap on the side of the hotel, not knowing that walking five minutes

would find something more sympathetic.) Understand the city. When
you understand the city, you will find its beach. And on your beach you
will discover the restaurants that are right for you. Guides: Frommer’s
and Lonely Planet are not usually good sources of restaurant
tips. When the restaurant is lucky enough to get on the lists of these
guides, it ends up being so focused on the tourist that it usually loses
its personality.