08 abr

If you are just starting out, I recommend you do an abstract painting.

Infinity Pro home exterior paint colors
I used to do my paintings on the weekend, and due to my lack
of time we can highlight 03 steps to paint less and learn more.
If you are in need of time, there is nothing wro ng with starting
out slow, your subconscious may even be grateful. Most
people think they don’t have time to create a complete
painting in a weekend, and that ends up frustrating us.
By decreasing the time and allowing you to take a small step
towards your finished painting, it will be easier to continue
painting. Okay, so w h a t c o l o r s s h o u l d I u s e ?
There is no specific magic color, but here is a suggestion:
start with blue (dark) and white. Green and pink. Black and
white. Purple and white. Or any other color you like.
Put the paint on the screen and do a degrade for
example. This way you will learn to control the paint, make it
more fluid or thick, and so on.
Then add curves, straight lines, and c r e a t e y o ur o w n s h a p e s .
Creating a good image with a single color is much better than
100 incomplete paintings with 10 colors.