31 jul

Bronze Carrot Tanning Lotion is the most popular among women

Best Self Tanner
The Bronze Carrot Tanning Lotion promises to leave the skin with an
illuminated tone since the first application. The product has an innovative
technology that preserves collagen and minimizes skin damage caused by
infrared rays.In addition, the Bronze Carrot Bronzer moisturizes and evens skin
tone, protects against redness, burning and wrinkles that can be caused by
exposure to the sun. It also prevents premature aging and loss of
elasticity.When taking a sunbath to get a tanned skin, it is recommended to
apply the product 30 minutes in advance.The Bronzer Gold Lotion has, in its
formula, beta-carotene, natural oils of buriti, annatto and vitamin E. This means
that the product has a quick drying and provides a deep hydration, preventing
the skin from drying out due to the sun.In addition to allowing an intense and
long-lasting tan, the Gold Spray Bronzer is resistant to water and sweat for up
to 2 hours. The Dior Bronze self-tanner is designed to look and feel like a
genuine, delicate, light and natural tan. The product offers ultra-fast penetration
into the skin, ensuring that the color does not leave spots or drip.

The Dior Bronze formula promises to leave the skin with a refreshing air and,
with daily use, leaves the face and body with a soft tan.

The brand recommends that, before the first application, it is necessary to
perform an exfoliation. And, only after moisturizing the skin, apply the product.